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  • Custom Tailored Portfolio Analysis


Per month

  • Live Charts
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Trading Signals
  • Academy of Technical Analysis
  • Text & Email Notifications
  • Private Chat Room
  • Custom Tailored Portfolio Analysis


Per month

  • Live Charts
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Trading Signals
  • Academy of Technical Analysis
  • Text & Email Notifications
  • Private Chat Room
  • Custom Tailored Portfolio Analysis

The advent of digitizing assets on the internet, thanks to the blockchain, is a gradual technological revolution. At the dawn of the internet, we had the infamous dial-up protocol. In terms of analogy, blockchain is currently in the dial-up age in which technological limitations still pose a barrier to blockchain adoption. But this will not be the case long-term as multiple cryptocurrency experiments, technologies, and projects emerge. Fundamental analysis is used to gauge the progress, evolution, and investability of the cryptocurrency sector. Block Society has a clear and strategic vision for employing fundamental analysis for cryptocurrencies on behalf of its clients.

At first glance, fundamental analysis for cryptocurrencies could be comparable to game theory detached from intrinsic value. It may seem problematic to analyze a project’s merits using fundamental analysis since we are still in the speculation stage and will continue to be so for a while. There are many projects with limited or no utility that have high market capitalizations compared to projects with tremendous potential but with low market capitalizations.

However, Block Society zeroes into a variant of fundamental analysis with a high degree of confidence. This fundamental analysis philosophy is rooted in the organic harvesting of abrupt profits especially during altcoin seasons. Block Society believes that projects with strong fundamental value – either propelled by their technology or externalities – are likely to surge in value upon public discovery and awareness. Block Society capitalizes on those price bursts by locking in at least some profits before significant pullbacks occur. Block Society recommends buying and selling on a reserved basis to protect oneself from violent price movements and to take advantage of market cycles.

During the 2017 bull market, many altcoins’ prices increased hundred-fold including those that offer no value. It is important to recognize that the “past performance is no guarantee of future performance” proverb is especially true in the speculative cryptocurrency market. Altcoins with limited utility may continue still skyrocket in value; altcoins with superior technology may stagnate; altcoin seasons may never come again. Regardless of which risk and return angle an investor takes, it is fundamentally safer to bet on altcoins with promising utility. The cryptocurrency market is still wildly inefficient in which asymmetric valuations exist everywhere. It is only a matter of time, however, for when asymmetric valuations start to transition to symmetric valuations. Prior to that transition, one would do well to invest in long-term projects with solid technology and utility. This long-term altcoin strategy may not be ideal during the bear market compared to technical analysis, but such a strategy has the potential to yield astronomical returns in a prolonged bull market and/or a more efficient market in the future.

Block Society will abstain from issuing recommendations on Bitcoin based on fundamental analysis. Bitcoin is a complicated asset in which there are varying opinions on it. Regardless of the Lightning Network development and other enhancements for Bitcoin’s classic technology, Bitcoin does not face a promising feature with regards to its ability to scale. On the other hand, Bitcoin may have staying power as a store-of-value (SoV) investment. In any case, Block Society believes that more profits can be made in appropriate altcoin investments compared to Bitcoin at least for the long-term.

How does Block Society screen altcoin investments? There are two broad altcoin categories that Block Society is on the watch out for:

Category #1 – “Hidden Gems”

Block Society makes investment recommendations based on two main criteria:

  • Pioneering technology
  • Low market capitalization

Projects come and go especially if other better technology exists. While the best technology does not always win, the odds are in its favor. In addition, low market capitalizations mean a potential for extreme returns. This is a classic high-risk, high-reward investment strategy.

Category #2 – “Handy Projects”

Block Society makes investment recommendations on projects that have proven itself in acquiring use cases on the road towards mainstream adoption. Less emphasis is placed on market capitalization or quality of technology. One example of a recommendations under this category might be Basic Attention Token (BAT) due to Brave’s progress as a competitive, mainstream browser.

Block Society will focus primarily on recommending long investments but it will also issue recommendations to avoid certain projects.

  • Block Society will issue warnings for projects that are likely scams or have suspicious circumstances.
  • Block Society will not support projects that have little or no utility, show signs of being vaporware, and/or lack developmental support.
  • Block Society will likely not recommend derivative projects or forks. For example, Block Society does not recommend investing in Bitcoin SV, a suspicious Bitcoin fork.

When evaluating potential investments, some critical considerations Block Society use are as follows:

  • Block Society looks at the people behind the projects, not just the technology. Great ideas on paper mean nothing without implementation and brainpower.
  • Block Society is not impressed by fancy whitepapers and marketing. At a minimum, Block Society expects a workable prototype with notable results.
  • Block Society sees beyond the façade. For example, if a project claims high scalability then it must be proved first regardless of theoretical or testnet transactions per second (TPS); any retrogression to centralization as a tradeoff must also be considered.
  • Block Society does not view an ICO, premine, or instamine favorably as well any corporate paradigm to a project but may look past this if other aspects are top-notch.
  • Block Society seeks projects that truly innovates and solve problems that no others have done.

It is worth noting that while there is currently no universally accepted valuation methodology for cryptocurrencies, the maturation of the market will yield formal methods adopted by industry leaders, institutions, and academics. Block Society will stay up to date with any progress in this field and adapt accordingly.

It is growing in the trading sector, on social media, and even in the classroom, but does technical analysis work? The short answer is yes. Much like math, the best way to explain why Technical Analysis (TA) works is by reviewing the process. Before we jump into it, let’s determine what T.A. is and precisely what it does. By definition, technical analysis is the forecast of future changes in price based on a host of analytical data that is collected from previous dates within a specific market. In other words, it is the sweet science of price action. More than just science, the charts are a graphical representation of human emotion in the financial market. Humans are very much creatures of habit: people have a tendency to take the same routes to work every day, shop at the same grocery store, the same gas station, and often schedule those trips as part of a standard routine. As such, a pattern is created. No different in the financial market, people will often find patterns based on specific action. For example, people who normally get paid on Fridays are more likely to Dollar Cost Average (DCA) on a Friday, which is typically shown in smaller market cap projects. When it comes to application, technical analysis is often heavily favored by investors and used as a tool to anticipate future price in hopes of increasing profit. With that said, while technical analysis and the art behind it can guide a person to a successful investment, the results, even in winning trades, are always subjective. Another critical factor is determining who should be using technical analysis when making investment decisions? According to common myth, the answer is day traders. In reality, the answer is everyone. Getting a closer look at the market that someone is putting their hard earned money into is never a bad thing, even if they do not use the practice to execute a trade. Beyond that, the habits that are developed along the way have proven to be beneficial to a trader’s progression. With TA, Block Society uses a breadth of tried and proven tool sets, including:
  • simple support and resistance
  • trend lines
  • moving averages
  • simple indicators, such as RSI, MACD, ROC, ADX
all the way to complex application theory such as:
  • Elliot Wave
  • Gann
  • Fibonacci
  • McGinley
  • Donchian
  • Chiakin
Block Society employs a unique, proprietary strategy mixing several of these concepts together to paint a more focused picture in determining the probability of future outcomes. More than just reading the charts, Block Society uses additional proprietary risk mitigation strategies, portfolio management strategies, and a hint of automation to maximize gains while simultaneously minimizing losses should they occur.

So, Does Technical Analysis Work? 

The answer is yes. Technical analysis absolutely works. Remember, the success of technical analysis depends on the level of expertise of whomever is conducting the analysis. The more a person studies, practices, and trades, the better their chances of profiting. If you’re interested in learning TA for yourself, ask us about our Academy of Technical Analysis!

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    Frequently asked questions

    Though SEC registration is not required to give investment advice on most cryptocurrencies, we project that it’s only a matter of time before increased scrutiny and regulations come to play. Block Society aims to be ahead of the curve to ensure any emerging requirements are met.

    Trading or investing in the world of cryptocurrency can be a very daunting task, particularly in today’s world with the plethora of scams and misinformation floating around. Take the guesswork out of it and let Block Society’s team of trained, certified, and SEC registered analysts do the hard work and research for you!

    With Block Society, you know you’re getting a vetted, top-notch product by registered investment advisors with the highest level of ethics.

    Block Society employs unique and proprietary approaches to investment and trading based on both Fundamental and Technical analysis. We also incorporate many risk mitigation and portfolio management techniques to help ensure clients are staying safe. 

    Trading bots can be lucrative if done properly. However, a bot is only as effective as its programmer. Since cryptocurrency is an emerging asset class in its infancy, the market is ever changing — thus requiring those bots to be reprogrammed on a fairly frequent basis to be effective. Block Society’s team of dedicated analysts can spot the changes in the market and adjust strategy accordingly. 

    Our trade signals garner over 200% per month on average since December 2018. Granted, not all of our signals are profitable, but with our risk mitigation techniques, those signals that dont work out result in minimal losses.

    For the moment, Block Society is in the business of providing investment advice. Be on the lookout for future service offerings in the form of a discretionary trading account or perhaps even a dedicated custody solution in the future. 

    Yes! You can navigate under our “free content” to see dedicated tutorial videos that walk you through the process from knowing absolutely nothing about crypto, to making your first trade!

    We currently have ten progressive levels within our Academy of Technical Analysis (ATA). Each level builds on the previous to ensure the highest levels of comprehension. Level one starts with the absolute basics such that any beginner with zero experience can follow along. Topics covered include (but not limited to):
    • The Basics
      • chart setup
      • getting familiar with tradingview and the tools
      • how to read different charts
    • Trendlines, Support, Resistances
    • Moving Averages
    • Classical Chart Patterns
    • Candlestick Patterns
    • Oscillators and Indicators
    • Trading Psychology, Risk Management, Portfolio Management
    • Trading Strategies
    • Elliot Wave Theory
      • Impulse
      • triangle
      • Triple Combo
      • Correction Waves
      • double combo
      • Kennedy Channeling Technique
    • Fibonacci
      • retracements
      • targets
      • key levels and ratios
      • Arcs, Circles, Spirals, Channels, and Wedges
    • Gann Theory
      • Box
      • square
      • fan
    • Advanced Classical Charts Paterns
    • Integration of Multiples
    • Deep Dive into theory, applications, and strategy based on a number of different contrarian approaches such as:
      • Chaikin
      • Relative Volatility Index
      • Donchian Channels
      • Ichimoku Clouds
      • McGinley Dynamic
      • Multi-Time Period Charts
      • and many many more!