AION/BTC: Updates


Entry: Under 0.00000905

Stoploss: 0.00000751

T1: .00001350

T2: .00001775

T3: .00002200

Risk Level: Moderate-High

(12 Oct) the BTC crash the other day sent this below the RMA on the Daily and the 4hr scales. I’m not entirely confident this one will survive if BTC takes another hit like that again. plan accordingly.  

Stephen, COO/Director of Analysis

With 10+ years experience in the US Intelligence Community and a Bachelor's Degree with concentration in Analysis, Stephen Harano has a breadth of experience as a multi-discipline analyst. Additionally, he holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security and a Post Graduate Professional Certificate in Blockchain Technology from UC-Berkeley. His desire to serve and give back to the crypto world is unmatched and genuinely enjoys educating others both on trading fundamentals as well as Technical Analysis.

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