OAX/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00002800 Stoploss: 0.00002400 T1: .00004000 T2: .00005175 T3: .00006500(25May) another setup similar to DOCK and POA but this one has a little more juice in it. we'll see what happens. 

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POA-BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: under 0.00000445 Stoploss: 0.00000365 T1: .00000555 T2: .00000685 T3: .00000780(25May) Looks like that break, hook, and go off the RMA is on point! I got a little scared when BTC made…

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DOCK/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00000180 Stoploss: 0.00000148 T1: .00000205 (Target hit 22May) T2: .00000233 (Target hit 22May) T3: .00000280 Risk Level: Moderate(21 May) Here's another potential scenario for this project. I'll…

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ADA/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00001400 Stoploss: 0.00001200 T1: .00001900 T2: .00002200 T3: .00002500 (29 Apr) The market is continuing to decimate a lot of these projects. There is a little…

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OMG/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE  Entry: Under 0.00040000Stoploss: 0.00029300T1: .00080000T2: .00110000T3: .00160000 (24 Apr) lower highs and lower lows. this will probably be the next to stop out. 

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QSP/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE   Entry: Under 0.00000550Stoploss: 0.00000391T1: .00000640T2: .00000900T3: .00001100 (24 Apr) It confirmed the head and shoulders and just plummeted. There's nothing in the form of support between here and the…

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ARN/BTC: Binance

Entry: 0.00010775 - 0.00012700Stoploss: 0.00006620T1: .00019500T2: .00025000T3: .00030000 Risk Level: Low, Low-Moderate There's a lot more to be made here, but we'll capitalize on it on the retrace and compound our earning 2% Rule Calculator:…

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The Ledger Hardware Wallet

Protect Your Crypto With A Hardware Wallet "...security for 1185 digital assets." By Block Society Facebook Twitter Linkedin Everyone Should Have One! What does Mt. Gox, QuadrigaCX, Bithumb, BitGrail, BTC-e,…

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