Time To Switch Exchanges!

No More Binance Time to switch to KuCoin and Kraken By Block Society Facebook Twitter Linkedin Telegram As the majority of the crypto world already knows, Binance will cease business…

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WTC/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00013750Stoploss: 0.00012550T1: .00023010T2: .00034060T3: .00056000 Risk Level: Moderate(24 Aug) Looks like another alt in the lineup to push higher. let's ride the wave together.

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ZEC/USD – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under $72.00Stoploss: $68.10T1: $80.00T2: $87.50T3: $94.00Risk Level: LowUSG and DoD SHALL not trade this currency(01 Aug) another critical point here. this trend line needs to hold support or we will get…

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XMR/USD – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under $82.00Stoploss: $71.54T1: $107.00T2: $117.50T3: $200Risk Level: ModerateUSG and DoD Employees SHALL not trade this currency(05 Aug) Still on track. Slow is smooth; smooth is fast!

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XLM/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00000850Stoploss: 0.00000741T1: .00001000T2: .00001150T3: .00001300Risk Level: VERY HIGH(21 July) Almost hit T1 the other day on a P&D. but this still looks decent for higher gains.  we also got a break…

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LTC/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.01Stoploss: 0.0085T1: .013T2: .017T3: .021 Risk Level: Moderate(07 July) It appears we are at decision time here. On the daily, just coming out of oversold and approaching a bullish crossover on…

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XRP/USD – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: $0.44Stoploss: $0.28T1: $0.78T2: $0.97T3: $1.39T4: $1.69T5: $2.11T6: $2.50Risk Level: ModerateThis is a mid-term investment. Use your allocation strategies appropriately.(05 Aug) If it breaks through that red moving average, we'll likely get…

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ENJ/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00001025Stoploss: 0.00000900T1: .00001400T2: .00001550T3: .00001850 Risk Level: HIGH(07 July) Slight rejection off the 4hr RMA which was expected. Still bullish on the MACD. That dotted trend line is the line to…

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ETH/USD – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under $195.00Stoploss: $179.00T1: $225.00T2: $337.82T3: $445.86T4: $620.65 Risk Level: High(16 Sep) watch for a termination around 205 and then a subsequent retrace back to $186 area prior to the higher moves. 

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