ENJ/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00000780Stoploss: 0.00000660T1: .00000925T2: .00001085T3: .00001200Risk Level: Moderate(24 Oct) I like this one as having a potential bottom. This looks like a text book 1-2, 1-2 so the next stop (in…

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ETH/USD – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under $195.00Stoploss: $179.00T1: $225.00T2: $337.82T3: $445.86T4: $620.65 Risk Level: High(18 Sep) As ETH pushed through the 1.618, i'm now looking for $224.91 as the next stop. remember, wave 4 typically retraces 38.2%…

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BNB/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.0029Stoploss: 0.0025T1: .0034T2: .0042T3: .0046T4: .0054Risk Level: Low, Low-Moderate(20 July) Since we expect BTC to drop soon, this should run countertrend. honor the stoploss, but I feel like this is…

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MCO/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00000775 Stoploss: 0.00000600 T1: .00000860 (Target Hit 10Jun - 11%) T2: .00000980 T3: .00001100 Risk Level: HIGH(10June) We had a nice little pop out of the…

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Cryptoeconomics of Stablecoins

Cryptoeconomics of Stablecoins "Stablecoins are not perfect. They introduce a degree of centralization and/or delicate pegs depending on their types. " By Block Society Facebook Twitter Linkedin Telegram      …

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OAX/BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE Entry: Under 0.00002800 Stoploss: 0.00002400 T1: .00004000 T2: .00005175 T3: .00006500(25May) another setup similar to DOCK and POA but this one has a little more juice in it. we'll see what happens. 

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POA-BTC – Updates

DAILY UPDATE       Entry: under 0.00000445 Stoploss: 0.00000365 T1: .00000555 (Target hit! - 24.7% gains) T2: .00000685 (Target hit! - 53.9% gains) T3: .00000780      (13Jun) Not bad growth. looking for…

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