Blockchain ETF Launched on the London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange to have Blockchain ETF

“The London Stock Exchange just listed a blockchain ETF, providing investors with broad exposure to companies that are active in the crypto space, including Square and Overstock.”

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According to this article, Invesco, an American firm, and Elwood, a British digital asset investment company, announced the launch of a blockchain ETF on the London Stock Exchange. the Fund’s official title is “Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain UCITS ETF.” and it features 48 companies with ties to the blockchain industry, including Samsung, Square, and Overstock. Although only a few of the companies are considered “blockchain natives”, this ETF is a step in the right direction and will serve to give exposure to a group of companies that are making actual money in the blockchain market.

Although many traders consider an American Bitcoin ETF to be the “last major hurdle before mass adoption” this article cites the prospect as uncertain and that the SEC has a concern with the legitimacy of market forces in Crypto. The British Blockchain ETF could potentially be a stepping stone to show the SEC that it could also work in The United States.


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