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Setting up Exchange Accounts​

There are countless exchanges that allow you to convert your fiat (government legal tender) into Cryptocurrency. Each exchange has their respective pros and cons, so make sure you research which will be the best for you. In America, the top three exchanges are Coinbase (and Coinbase-Pro), Gemini, and Abra.  Stephen prefers Gemini for the security aspects as well as the ability to trade instantly. To the left a video  will aid you in setting up your Gemini Exchange Account.

Transferring Fiat to Exchange​

As we know, every exchange has their own process of how to transfer fiat into their exchange. The basis of the process remains the same, but the buttonology may differ between exchange to exchange. In keeping with the previous example, the videos to the right will show you how to link your bank account and move funds to your Gemini account.


The top video shows how to link your bank account to the exchange, the bottom video shows how to transfer fiat to the exchange.

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Converting Fiat to Crypto​​

Now that you have fiat deposited into your account, you can now use that money to buy some Crypto. There are many different types of buy orders you can choose from, and we will cover them all in a later section; however, this will focus on a market buy order converting your fiat to Bitcoin (BTC)

Moving Crypto From One Exchange to Another​

If you’re a hodler, you can either leave your BTC on the exchange (not recommended) or move it to an offline wallet. We’ll discuss the differences between both hot and cold wallets as well as soft and hard wallets in a later section.

For those of you who would like to trade in altcoins, you’ll need to setup more exchange accounts that offer trading pairs with your favorite coins. Then move your coins to those exchanges to trade in them. To find out which exchanges offer your favorite coin’s trading pair, you can look it up on,

The video to the right will demonstrate how to move your crypto from Gemini to Binance.

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How to Execute a Trade​

Executing trades and different types of orders.

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Limit
  • Stop-limit
  • Market
  • Etc

This video is specifically tailored to our trading signals, but should provide a valuable resource into order types and execution.

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