Investors Crave Cryptocurrency Education

eToro Survery Finds Investors Remain Interested in Cryptocurrency, Crave Education

By Block Society

eToro, an online social trading platform, released the results of a recent survey that concluded investors remain interested in trading digital currency, but are craving more educational cryptocurrency resources.

The study was conducted by Provoke Insight, a market research firm, and involved 1,000 American online investors. The results showed that 69% of respondents, which included both individuals who have and have not invested in digital currency, were interested or very interested in learning more about cryptocurrency investing.[1]

Nearly 75% of respondents who did not own cryptocurrency stated that they were not knowledgeable about digital currency, with 50% stating that their lack of knowledge was the biggest reason they chose not to invest in cryptocurrency. 20% of cryptocurrency investors stated that they have a limited understanding of digital currency.

Overall, lack of education about cryptocurrency was the most common reason why online investors were not investing in digital currency. Lack of educational resources was also cited as a significant barrier to learning about cryptocurrency.[2]

Respondents shared that they overwhelmingly rely on trading platforms and social media for information and education about cryptocurrency investments, with forums being the most common social media platform used for cryptocurrency research.

Another interesting result from eToro’s survey was the demand, especially among millennials, for financial advising services for cryptocurrency investments. 73% of millennials and 58% of Gen Xers shared that they would be more likely to invest in cryptocurrency if they had the assistance of a financial advisor.[3]

Respondents showed significant support for including cryptocurrency in their retirements portfolios. 74% of current cryptocurrency investors and 51% of those who do not invest in digital currency stated they would like to see cryptocurrencies included in their 401 (k) options, signaling that investors are beginning to view digital assets as valid long-term investments.[4]

Interest in cryptocurrency remains strong despite the recent bear market, with 97% of millennials and Gen Xers investors stating they were interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies.[5]

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