New Projects Worth Reading About

New Cryptocurrency Projects Worth Reading About

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With seemingly countless new cryptocurrency and blockchain projects launching, it can become overwhelming to narrow down which ones are worthwhile. Below are two platforms that offer the potential to succeed in their respective niche markets.                                                                                                

Robot Cache

Robot Cache is the world’s first decentralized PC gaming distribution platform. The platform’s blockchain was founded by Brian Fargo, a well-known game developer, in January 2018.

The platform plans to allow developers to earn up to 95% of the profits made from game sales, which is significantly higher than the 70% developers make on websites like Steam.

Users can buy games using fiat or the platforms native token, IRON. Although Robot Cache initially planned to make IRON an ERC-20 utility token, which would be accessible on cryptocurrency exchanges, Fargo decided to change course due to heightened scrutiny involving ICOs. IRON will still exist as a virtual currency that can be mined and used to purchase games on Robot Cache, but it will not be available for purchase.[1] Robot Cache will allow users to mine IRON by clicking an “opt-in,” button, which will direct users to mining pools, where users can earn free IRON.[2]

Users can resell games they purchased on the platform, with the game developers receiving roughly 70% of the revenue from resold games and users retaining about 25% of the set resale price, which allows developers to profit from more than just initial sales.[3]

Robot Cache charges developers 5% of their initial sales or resale compared to the 30% fee Steam charges for managing sales.

Robot Cache currently has 22 developers and over 700 games, with plans to launch its Early Access program next year. Major game developers, including 1C Publishing, Bigben Interactive, Ci Games S.A., DANKIE, Devolver Digital Inc., Headup, Hyperkinetic Studios, IMGN.PRO, Libredia, Playdius Games/Plug In Digital, Revival Productions and Running with Scissors,505 Games, Anuman Interactive SA, Entrada Interactive, Forthright Entertainment, inXile Entertainment, Maximum Games, Microids, Modus Games, Paradox Interactive, THQ Nordic, and Versus Evil have signed on to make their games available on Robot Cache. [4]

TrustToken and TrueUSD

TrustToken is a platform that allows users to trade asset backed tokens, which means the platform offers stable coins and allows any real-world asset to be tokenized. The first TrustToken ERC-20 token, TrueUSD, is pegged to the United States dollar.[5]

In order to purchase TrueUSD, users have to complete Know Your Customer verification and wire funds to a trust company. Once the funds are verified, users receive the value of their deposit in the form of TrueUSD. TrueUSD is minted when users wire funds to the escrow agent.[6] Currently, the minimum purchase and withdrawal amount is $10,000.00.

What differentiates TrueUSD from other stable coins like MakerDAO and Tether is that TrueUSD maintains stability because it is asset backed, while MakerDAO and Tether use algorithms to maintain stability.

TrustToken believes that its centralized escrow process will encourage more investors to support digital assets and create increased surety and security. The escrowed funds are kept in insured and audited bank accounts, creating increased faith that TrueUSD will maintain its value.

Regardless of the value of TrueUSD, users will always be able to buy and sell 1 TrueUSD token for $1 on TrustToken’s platform, which can help incentivize investing.

TrustToken also allows users to create a token backed by any asset. For example, users can offer to sell a fraction of their real estate holdings, business, or intellectual property in exchange for an asset backed token. This allows holders of illiquid assets to sell fractional shares of their asset.

This innovation could allow over $250 trillion worth of real world assets to be bought, sold, and traded on a blockchain.

Additionally, tokenized assets can be traded on a global exchange while investors are assured that their assets are backed by fiat currency.

The platform uses SmartTrust to ensure the that smart contracts are recognized by financial institutions, the fiduciary is required to follow the terms of the smart contract and that the smart contract has both civil and criminal enforceability.[7]


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