WTC/BTC – Updates


Entry: Under 0.00013750

Stoploss: 0.00012550

T1: .00023010

T2: .00034060

T3: .00056000 

Risk Level: Moderate

(24 Aug) Looks like another alt in the lineup to push higher. let’s ride the wave together.

Stephen, COO/Director of Analysis

With 10+ years experience in the US Intelligence Community and a Bachelor's Degree with concentration in Analysis, Stephen Harano has a breadth of experience as a multi-discipline analyst. Additionally, he holds a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security and a Post Graduate Professional Certificate in Blockchain Technology from UC-Berkeley. His desire to serve and give back to the crypto world is unmatched and genuinely enjoys educating others both on trading fundamentals as well as Technical Analysis.

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